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Balageria Central Co-operative Bank Ltd. is a central financing agency of many affiliated co-operative societies in PurbaMedinipur District, which is popularly known as “BALAGERIA BANK” and is registered under The West Bengal Cooperative Societies Act, 1940. Since long back, as this District was fully dependable on Agriculture for that its main functioning was through the PACS. Later on its business has been diversified in various sectors such as Employees credit, Weavers, Fisheries, Lab. Contract Engineers, Agril, Marketing, SHG etc.

We appreciate your interest for choosing Balageria Bank as your own Bank. As Myself Chairman of Balageria Central Co-operative Bank Ltd. I wish to convey you that we are constantly trying to become a main counterpart amongst the Co-operative Banks by setting a standard in all spheres of the Banking operations.

While catering the needs of the customers we will strive hard to fulfil the commitments towards the individuals as well as to the society at large.

I like to convey that all our customers are the basic strength of us, and who are patronizing us with their loyalty, sincerity and devotion. I thank them all and remain grateful to them forever.


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Shri Suprakash Giri